Shit I want to do

I need to start keeping track of the projects I’m working on and the stuff I want to do.   Well, I’ve got my idea book now but I feel like I should play with a CMS more so I need an excuse to put stuff up.

Shit I’m working on

  • left-handed 21″-scale guitar for Richard’s daughter
    • Status:
      • nearly done
    • Notes:
      • It had to be purple.. too bad the Alder body didn’t take the aniline dye as well as I expected.  It soaked up alcohol/dye like a sponge but apparently sucked it in deep because when I knocked down the fuzz.. the natural wood shows through.  I think it looks like faded indigo denim which is sort of cool.. but bright iridescent purple was what I was going for.
  • Retrofit 50’s intercom speakers with internal amp and modern speakers
    • Status:
      • nearly done
    • Notes:
      • The 5″ Pyle driver would have been fine.  The horn is way to hot so I added a resistor to cut the level on it.  I have the passive speaker wired but I’d like to add a larger tweeter.  Need to install the internal amp in the active speaker and seal them up.
    • Mods:
      • It’d be nice to add some flexibility shape the tone.  Pots on the master to adjust the treble level or a crossover in each to I can split the signal and independently tweak the tweeter level would be nice but that add more cost than I’m probably willing to add.   I would like to learn how to design more complex crossovers though..  hmn.

Shit I’d like to work on [more]

  • Learn me some Maths
    • Status:
      • have materials to start
      • stalled
    • Notes:
      • I need to brush up on the Math I’ve learned and forgotten to make progress on some of the other things I want to do.  Some projects would be well served by me going farther after I’ve caught up.
      • I think it’d be fun to teach myself as much Math as would be covered through an Undergrad and a Masters Math program.  Bonus, to make it challenging, I’d like to see how fast I can get though a semester of Math.  For undergrad coursework that I’ve covered the past, I’d like to take a day off, take the appropriate medication, maybe plug into a TcDCS device and see if I can blow through a semester in one day.  🙂
  • fixed-truss Guitar Neck design
    • Status:
      • researching materials, considering design options
    • Notes:
      • I’m looking for a light, rigid material to replace the adjustable truss in a typical guitar neck.  Ideally it would be lighter than the Aluminum C-channel w/ steel rod I use now and it would be strong enough to have nearly zero bow while under tension.   To complicate matters a bit, it has to have a very high resistance to creep over time.  Currently under consideration {2024 Alu, 7050 Alu, Grade 5 Ti, Titanium Aluminide}.
    • Sticking points:
      • I need to learn enough mechanical engineering to get a better understanding of Strain, Strain Rate, Strain Curves, Elastic Modulus, [near] True Elastic Limit, measuring and/or calculating all of those and figuring out exactly what some published characteristics like percentage of ductility actually represent in real terms.
  • Reconfiguring basement
    • Status:
      • barely started, still formulating design
    • Notes:
      • I think I should bring the hall space into the finished space by walling the hall off in-plane with the south wall of “The Jam Room”.  I would then remove the wall between the current hall and the finished room and relocate the north wall toward the center of the house to expand the area for the future workshop.
      • I have to draft a new layout to see if I can get all my tools and work surfaces into a rectangular space.  I had issues with the original L-shaped workshop design I drafted.
      • I’ve had offers from Tony and Frankie to help with the construction.. which I may take them up on since Tony may use the shop to make some furniture and I’ve told Frankie I’d build a guitar with him for his son once the shop is done.
    • Sticking points:
      • Time and Money.
      • This requires lots of electrical, framing, drywall, flooring, sealing the space to contain noise and dust while providing ventilation.
      • For the later, I’m currently looking at $650 just for the closed-cell foam kit plus other materials for the ceiling and walls to seal it up.  At least 2x4s and drywall are cheap and I think I’ve got all the materials I need to pull 60A down there and lay everything out.. aside from the light cans for the shop.
      • Ideally, I’d like to maximize ceiling height for both spaces by moving the gas line to the east wall, reconfiguring some of the existing electrical, and reconfiguring the duct work in the main space where possible for both clearance and noise isolation..
      • Unlikely I’d get these done but I’d love to get a secondary Sump pit in the NE corner of the room and I’d like to add a vent in the NE corner for a fume hood and possibly another for ventilation.
  • Make a Guitar Tube Amp out of my antique floor-model radio
    • Status:
      • Need to learn how to build a Tube Amp.
  • Build a TcDCS device
    • Status:
      • Done enough research on TcDCS to build and use one, could use more
      • Collected some plans
      • Have parts needed on-hand
  • Build a Tardis
    • Status:
      • Not started.. found a good blueprint though
    • Notes:
      • I always wanted one.  A couple years ago I was thinking I’d just paint a 6-panel door in the basement like a tardis.   Now, After I reconfigure the basement walls, I want to build a proper Tardis to use as the door for “The Jam Room”.  It’d extend out from the wall so it’d be fully 3-dimensional.  Walking through it would be like going through a short hall that opened up into a large room.  Maybe some day I’ll build a desk down there that takes inspiration from the tardis console.. it could wrap around the center post.

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